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Quilt Hanging Sleeve information
* * * For our quilt show, we only need sleeves for large bed quilts. * * *
Everything else will be pinned on curtains or a display wall, or draped over tables.
CLICK HERE to download directions (pdf) for making a 4" hanging sleeve.
If you don't have time, or don't want a permanent sleeve,
CLICK HERE to watch a video about pinning on a temporary sleeve
(scroll part way down the page until you see the video).
I would cut the sleeve a bit deeper if it's going to be pinned on, because it may not be possible to place the pins as close to the edges as stitching would be. We want the sleeve to fit loosely around the hanging pipe, so don't want it too snug. I'll follow the sleeve directions above, but will cut the sleeves about 11" tall (instead of 9").
We may pin on a temporary sleeve if your large quilt for the show arrives sleeveless.
Or, you can do it before the show to save us some time. Thank you!