Country Roads Quilt Guild
Newsletter Committee Guidelines
~ Newsletter Tips ~
Things you will likely receive for the newsletter include:
--- President’s Letter
--- Minutes from last meeting from Secretary
--- Treasurer’s Report
--- Instructions/materials list for upcoming program
--- New member info (or current member change of address)

Things I try to include:
--- Date & place of next meeting
--- Upcoming program
--- Hostesses for next meeting
--- Monthly Novelty for next meeting
--- Birthdays
--- Directions to meeting place if someplace new (July picnic, etc)
--- Deadline for next newsletter with contact info for the person doing the next newsletter
   Most newsletters are 4 pages (2 pieces of paper, double-sided), but size can vary depending on how much news there is.
   You aren’t required to call people for information for the newsletter. If it doesn’t come by your deadline, it doesn’t get in. It’s not our job to write the newsletter - our main responsibility is to just get the news out to everyone. Some people may give you permission to edit their contributions. We must include the Minutes EXACTLY as written (if you see an obvious typo you can contact the Secretary to clarify). Feel free to add any fillers you think may be interesting to members.
   We are trying to put the newsletters on our website. If you have Adobe Acrobat you can turn it into a PDF file. If not, that’s OK. Just email the newsletter to me and I will put it online. If you create the PDF file please omit last names and other personal info so it won’t appear on our site.
   If any of you have clip art to share, let the others know.

~ Mailing Labels ~ The Treasurer will provide us with addresses as new members join. Also, please note address changes in each newsletter. Those making labels should try to share anything new with each other so we all have the same mailing list. Thanks!

~ Mailing Tips ~
- Make arrangements to get the master for the newsletter from the person who created it.
- Make copies of the newsletter. You can take it wherever is convenient for you. If you choose Office Depot for printing, you can email it to them at Include instructions (black/white copies, number of copies, printed 2-sided, stapled). Get a receipt. (You may want to check the copies before leaving the store to make sure they are copied/stapled correctly.)
- Buy mailing supplies (stamps/envelopes) - get a receipt. (Office Depot also sells stamps!)
- Print out labels (or get them from Linda).
- Mail to members who indicated they want to receive newsletter by postal mail (usually on the Wednesday of the week before the meeting). VERY IMPORTANT TO MAIL NEWSLETTER TIMELY TO ALLOW MEMBERS TIME TO PREPARE FOR THE MEETING (purchase or gather materials needed for program, etc.).
- Give receipts for copying and stamps to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

~Email Tips~
-Convert newsletter to a pdf file. Email this version to members who indicated they want the newsletter by email.
-Remove last names from original newsletter for a web version.
-Convert this version to a pdf file.
-If you cannot save as a pdf file, send to Linda or Terry for conversion.
-Email to Terry to post to website.

I was told when I started doing the newsletters that fewer newsletters would get chewed up in the mail sorters if the fold was at the bottom (under the address) and the seal was at the top (above the address). I don’t know if we need to worry about that anymore, but that’s why the address section is always upside down on my newsletters. Birthdays! Please acknowledge all of the birthdays that occur in the month of the newsletter and the first half of the following month. For example: January’s newsletter would include member birthdays from January 1st through February 15th. Thank you!
I’m really excited we have so many helping hands on this committee - it’s really not a lot of work when it’s divided this many ways!
Thanks.  Terry
updated 5/27/15