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Morgantown, West Virginia — Organized 1983

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2018 Opportunity Quilt Instructions

Click HERE to download directions
for Wonky Star Block,
this year’s Opportunity Quilt.

2017 Opportunity Quilt Instructions
1. From one fat quarter of the purchased yellow fabric, cut four five inch strips using the longest side of the fabric. Cut various blue strips from your stash from one inch wide up to two and one half inches wide. Just vary them between the two measurements. Try to keep the background blue but as you can see in my pictures I used a blue with gold dots from a previous year.

2. Place one of the prepared foundations which I have given you on top of one of your yellow strips. The wrong side of the strip should be facing upward. Lay the paper with the Missouri Star printing facing downward on top of your yellow strip. Use a dab of basting spray or a glue stick to hold it in place.
3. Position a straight edge such as a heavy piece of computer paper, a piece of thin cardboard or a piece of card stock along one of the marked lines of the foundation paper. Fold the foundation paper back along the marked line of the paper using your straight edge. Using your quilting ruler with the quarter inch line at the edge of the paper cut off the excess fabric using a rotary cutter.

4. Fold the foundation paper back to it's original position and pin your first blue strip to the yellow fabric right sides together. Flip the paper with the fabrics attached and sew along the drawn line using a 1.5 inch stitch length or any short stitch length on your machine. The tighter stitch length will help with the paper removal later on by the committee. Be careful to remove the pins as you stitch since they will be on the under side.
2017 Brown Bag Exchange
Please consider participating in this challenging Guild activity.
Guild Member Challenge Quilt Top!
As quilters we all have fabrics we love but are afraid to use, fabrics we bought only to feel buyer’s remorse, fabrics we’ve acquired that is dreadfully not our style or fabrics we’ve been keeping our eye on to purchase at a quilt shop but not quite sure what project it may be right for. This year we hope that you will join us and participate in the Brown Bag Exchange and put these fabrics into the hands of a quilt
sister for her to make you a wonderful gift!

The Brown Bag Exchange is an activity that allows each of us to explore our creative quilt making talents and in the end we will have a treasured quilted gift. Participants select fabrics of their choice, place them in a “Brown Paper Bag”, and bring them to the October meeting. During that meeting, if you bring a bag, you select a bag. You take the bag home and make a quilt item, such as a purse, bag for essentials, miniature wall hanging, quilt notion, etc. from the fabrics in the bag you selected following the rules outlined below. You must use some of each of the fabrics in the bag. It is fun and it can be challenging to work with fabrics outside our own comfort zone. At our March 2017 meeting, return the completed item wrapped as a gift and then it will be return to the rightful owner and our gifts will be revealed. If you are unable to attend the March meeting, please make sure your completed item does!
Place a minimum of 3 cotton fabrics totaling 1.5 yards in a small brown paper bag. Circle your preference on the paper and place it inside your bag with the fabric. DO NOT PLACE INSIDE ENVELOPE!

YOUR choice of design approaches:
A. ALLOW ONE (The maker may add none, or only ONE fabric of her choice along with those you have placed in the bag to complete a quilt treasure for you.)
-- Or ---
B. BE CREATIVE (The maker may add none, or as MANY fabrics a she chooses along with those you have placed in the bag to complete a quilt treasure for you.)
Write YOUR name on a piece of paper and place inside the envelope, seal it and place inside the bag with your fabric.

Bring the bag to the October meeting.
Place it on the collection table. During the meeting, you will have the opportunity to select a bag to work with. You will be asked to look inside the bag only to make sure it’s not your fabric. Then you will write your name on the outside of the envelope and give it to KAREN S. The completed quilt items are due back for the MARCH 2017 meeting, along with any remaining fabric wrapped as a gift. There are no size requirements.

Please join us in this wonderful Guild activity! If you are unable to attend
September meeting and would like to participate please contact Karen to
make arrangements. Any Questions? Contact Karen,
Missouri Quilt Company video:
We are considering making this Bear Paw quilt as our 2015 Opportunity Quilt. Check it out!
Directions for Sit & Stitch project from September 2014 meeting.
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