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Country Roads Quilt Guild
By Laws

Article I. Name
This organization shall be known as the Country Roads Quilt Guild (hereafter referred to CRQG).

Article II. Purpose of Guild
A) To encourage interest in quilting through learning and sharing.
B) To widen our circle of friends who share a common interest in quilting.
C) To provide an atmosphere to motivate creativity and improvement of quilting skills.

Article III. Membership and Meetings
Section 1. Membership
A) Membership is open to any person interested in quilting upon payment of dues.
B) Membership categories are:
1) Junior, ages 18 and under Junior members are non-voting members.
2) Regular
3) Diamond, ages 70 and above with 2 years previous paid membership
4) Platinum, ages 75 and above with 10 years prior membership
C) Privileges of membership include participating in workshops, exhibits, trips, and having access to resource materials, having voting rights and receiving any regular publications such as the newsletter and directory.
D) Responsibilities of membership include serving as hostess and/or co-hostess for meetings, serving on committees as formed by the board, participating in preparation or presentation of programs, promoting the guild through cooperation in group projects and special activities and attending meetings. Make a cloth nametag within three (3) months of joining. (A 25 cent fee will be assessed after that when not wearing a nametag at a meeting.)
E) A guest will be requested to join after two visits.

Section 2. Meetings
A) Regular meetings shall be held on a monthly basis.
B) The date and time of meetings shall be determined by the board.
C) A resolution or motion or any business shall be passed by a majority of members present.

Article IV. Officers and Duties
Section 1. Elected Officers of the Board shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer with one year terms beginning with the March meeting and each shall serve no more than two consecutive terms.

Section 2. The President shall:
A) Preside at all board meetings and monthly meetings.
B) Be an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.
C) Call board meetings as needed.
D) Call an interim board meeting in February for the outgoing and incoming officers to facilitate transition to the new year.

Section 3. The Vice-President Shall:
A) Have all the powers and perform all the duties of the president when the president is absent or disabled and shall perform such additional duties as delegated by the president.
B) Plan, in consultation with the board, the programs for 12 monthly meetings, beginning with the June meeting.

Section 4. The Secretary Shall:
A) Keep complete minutes of all meetings.
B) Carry out all correspondence as determined by the board.
C) Keep attendance at all meetings.

Section 5. The Treasurer Shall:
A) Keep an accurate record of receipts and disbursements and be custodian of all funds.
B) Pay all bills authorized by the board.
C) Collect membership dues.
D) Maintain an accurate membership roster and make it available to members.
E) The treasurer and the board shall prepare an annual budget, effective March through February, and submit it for discussion and approval by the members present at the March meeting.
F) Prepare an annual financial statement and close the books as of the end of February for transfer to new treasurer.
G) Prepare, sign and send all tax forms required by the IRS and WV State Government at the end of February.
H) Facilitate signing of new bank signature cards in March.

Article V. Dues and Fiscal Year
Section 1. Dues
A) Dues shall be set by the board with approval by the membership.
B) Dues are payable at the March meeting and considered delinquent if not paid by the April meeting.
C) Dues received through September will be at the yearly rate. Dues received after September will be prorated to one-half current dues.

Section 2. Year
A) Fiscal year begins at the adjournment of the February meeting.
B) A minimum reserve of $300.00 shall be carried over for each new board's operating expenses.
C) There shall be an annual internal audit of financial records.

Article VI. Elections and Amendments
Section 1. Elections
A) A nominating committee consisting of at least three members shall be formed in November. Members may volunteer to serve on the nominating committee or may be nominated from the floor, with their consent. Members may not serve consecutive years on the nominating committee.
B) This committee shall report at the January meeting. Nominations for officers shall also be taken from the floor at this meeting.
C) Elections shall be conducted at the February meeting by the nominating committee. Voting shall be by written ballot. However, if there is only one candidate for each office, a voice vote may be used instead.
D) Vacancies in office shall be filled on appointment of the president with approval of the board.

Section 2. Amendments
These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting by a majority of members present, providing such amendments have been presented in writing to all members in advance of the next meeting or at the previous meeting.

Article VII. Committees
Section 1. Committees shall be formed as needed for the current program year.
Section 2.
A) Members may volunteer to serve on committees and/or appointments may be made by the president as necessary.
B) The committee chairperson may be appointed by the president or chosen by the committee.
C) Committee chairperson or representative will attend business meetings as called by the president.

Article VIII. Parliamentary Authority
All questions of parliamentary procedures not covered by these bylaws shall be determined by Roberts Rules of Order.

Article IX. Provision for Dissolution - in the case of dissolution of the organization, the Board shall pay any liabilities and dispose of all assets to a charitable or educational organization.
Adopted June 1983 - Revised: August 1984, November 1986, September 1988, April 1993, November 1996, November 1998, July 2000; August 2014, November 2017.

Standing Rules Adopted
1. A restricted fund is to be established for the purposes of education (ie workshops, lectures, trunk shows, etc) that is seeded with the monies from the Ricky Tims event. (11-2017)
2. Annual dues are:
a. Junior, $15 with a mailed newsletter subscription or $5 with an emailed newsletter subscription
b. Regular, $15
c. Diamond, $10
d. Platinum, free membership with 10 years membership and an age of 75 (11-2017)
3. Any unbudgeted expenditure over $25 must be approved by the board. (11-2017)
4. In the event that a CRQG member dies, a donation of up to $50 will be contributed to an organization of the family’s choice. If the family has no preference, the money will be donated to Ronald McDonald House. (11-2017) 

Bylaws updated November 2017